A few words about us

We have created KEYNTO to make your digital life more secure and private.

The Idea

For a long time we have been trying different password managers to handle hundreds of passwords and store sensitive data that we needed to share within our team. None of the ones we tried could fit our needs, we wanted security, flexibility, and team oriented design.
Tired of searching, at the beginning of 2014 we decided to develop our own. After nine month of development KEYNTO was born.

We have shared KEYNTO with several partners that had our same needs, the feedback was so positive that we decided to release it to the public. It required one more year of development to release the KEYNTO you can experience today, a fully cloud-based password manager and secure data vault that is accessible everywhere being forced to install any software.

We use KEYNTO every day, while continuing to improve it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

KEYNTO, the Idea

The Product

Three are the pillars on which KEYNTO is build: security, flexibility, team-oriented design.
KEYNTO adopts double encryption, client side, AES-256 data encryption cipher, RSA 1024-4096 bits (user configurable) sharing encryption, Pbkdf key deviation algorithm, and server side, AES-256 data encryption cipher, RSA 4096 bits, BCrypt key deviation algorithm.
Yubico Key and Google authenticator are the second step authentication methods implemented by default, it is possible even to combine both on the same account.
The security assistant implemented in KEYNTO will score your and your team passwords, and even force users to stick with company password policy.

When it comes down to flexibility, KEYNTO is second to none, it offers flexible forms that can be adapted to any need, for example, one single form can host multiple password, notes, files, and custom fields; each form design can be saved as template and reused at any time.
KEYNTO doesn’t force you to install any software or special plugin to handle your data, it is 100% cloud based, just use the browser of your choice.

KEYNTO has been build from the ground-up to be used by teams of any size; every record or folder can be easily shared with users or groups, by setting different permissions.

Team members can also send and receive secure messages, share secure notes or files, without using any third party chat or storage service, everything in the same and secure KEYNTO application.

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