Six good reasons to choose KEYNTO

  • Secure

    KEYNTO uses one of the most secure encryption technologies available today. Client side encryption (AES-256, RSA 4096 bits, key deviation Bcrypt/PBKDF2), ensure that all your data are fully secure.

  • Team oriented

    KEYNTO has invested heavily in the development of a collaborative system characterized by powerful sharing features. These functions increase productivity and simplify management of teams in any size.

  • Cloud powered

    KEYNTO is cloud-based and available anywhere at any time. All you need is a browser to access Keynto. For fast and easy access we have also developed a mobile user interface and browser plugin for all major browsers.

  • Scalable

    KEYNTO is a versatile platform that is suitable for both, novice users who simply want to securely store their data, and advanced users who are in charge of large IT infrastructures and need more robust and advanced features.

  • Easy to use

    KEYNTO user interface is designed to be familiar to the majority of users that use any of the popular email clients, giving you the feeling to know already what to do, shortening the learning curve and improving efficiency.

  • Available on-site

    KEYNTO is a cloud application, data are stored in our data center; we can supply an on-site installation on-request, on your company cloud.

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Some of KEYNTO's awesome features

Intuitive user interface

At KEYNTO we like to keep things simple and clean, this is why we have designed the KEYNTO user interface to be familiar to the majority of users that use any email client.

Everything is where it should be, the folder list, the record list, the preview, the search field, the settings, giving the user the feeling to know already what to do, shortening the learning curve and improving efficiency.

Leading encryption technology

KEYNTO uses multiple levels of security to provide most of the two world of server side/client side encryption technologies.

Client side encryption: AES-256 data encryption cipher, RSA 1024-4096 bits (user configurable) sharing encryption, Pbkdf key deviation algorithm.

Server side encryption: AES-256 data encryption cipher, RSA 4096 bits, BCrypt key deviation algorithm.

Flexible multi-factor authentication

Recommended by industry experts, multifactor authentication adds a second login step when signing in to your KEYNTO account, so that your account is even safer.

We have extended the concept of second step authentication allowing you to select one of the systems available (Yubikey and Google Authenticator) and even combine them.

You are in full control

KEYNTO combines robust password vaulting with cloud single sign-on capabilities to give businesses the tools they need to protect company data, manage a meaningful password policy, and optimize team productivity.

The administrator can establish a customized security environment for each user, easily add and remove users, see a summary of user statuses with regards to use of KEYNTO features and security score, reset their password (if enabled) and even force them to change password or to add a second step authentication.

Fast and Seamless Sharing

KEYNTO has developed sharing capabilities that are objectively more efficient, complete, and reliable than any of the other competitors.

You can share a single record or an entire folder, you can share with one or more users or with a group, and for each of them you can set different permissions.

Store sensitive documents

You can attach documents and images to any of your records, messages, or notes. KEYNTO backs up your files automatically, so you always have a secure, digital copy.

Send encrypted messages

You cannot trust email or chat when is time to send very confidential messages to your colleagues; but you can trust KEYNTO messages, a convenient, secure, and fast way to send messages to any anyone in in your team.

Store encrypted encrypted notes

You can create and share secure notes in rich text format and store anywhere you like, you can even attach any file so you have a convenient storage for documents, IDs, insurance cards, memberships, passports, SIM card data, and more. Store the information you need to keep safe and private.

Fully customizable templates

We do not like boundaries, this is why we have created a powerful templates system that let you decide what data the record should store.

The templates can be kept for personal use or available for the whole team. There is no limit to the templates you can create adding as many fields as you like such as: text, password, date, expiration date, text editor, rich text editor, url, email, phone, label, alert and more.

Extensive data logging

KEYNTO reports every single user action in a common log that the administrator, or any other authorized user, can browse using different filters.

Security assistant

With the Security Assistant, you can identify the dangerously weak or reused passwords that are stored in your password vault.

The administrator can execute the same check for every user and even force them to change weak passwords and to reach a certain score.

Single-click login

After saving a website’s username and password, KEYNTO will autofill the login when you return to that site or just by clicking the auto login button of the saved record. No thought, no typing, no work required.

The auto login feature can work in manual mode for expert users that like to have everything under control and do not like automatisms.

Pure cloud application

KEYNTO is a pure cloud application and available anywhere at any time.
Nothing to install, nothing to setup, all you need is just a modern browser and your master password to get access to your data.

For fast and easy access, we have also developed a mobile user interface and browser plugins.

Pricing designed for You

At KEYNTO we don't like boundaries this is why we didn't set any significant limit to the Startup plan.

Startup Plan


  • Max 2 Users
  • Unlimited Records
  • Encrypted Notes
  • Encrypted Messages
  • Free Browser Extension
  • Email Support